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This game is so awesome I want to play it forever.

Kick The Buddy

Great game to take your anger out



This game trash

This game is trash, they keep charging me for some membership when I didn’t even do anything on this game so pls make it stop!!!!!!!!!!


The wepans

It would be better

It could be better if you could make buddy die less but DONT and I mean DONT MAKE IT SO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. You guys need to make this better like this




10 out of 10


Love it


I hope love is the best day

It is a really fun game

I have no complaints about kick the buddy. It is a great game!


It’s funny and you guys should do a Star Trek transporter for buddy

So fun


No offense but hilarious



Super stress releasing

Buddy man kick

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!



It is really good


Love this game

Thanks for the gameplay plan a new gameplay and graphics for the next level of the next update thanks you thanks again •


I played game before it got taken down and saw it back on and I was like yay my fav game is back it was good a first but then the added VIP I got enough gold to buy clone but it said vip only and I do not want to waste money and let it pass.butt hen buddy man kick started to make ads when you clicked on something or kill they buddy man kick so I buy the no ad pass.guess what happens I click and ad happens no it was more then one so i clicked any any thing and add pops up so I want to get my money back but they said we will not do refunds.i get mad and act like the owner was buddy man kick ?i was about to kill him and spam click and diamond memberships pops of and click it buy mistake and the purchase goes good I call the owner and he said he mad the ad pop up and he hangs up and blocks me And bans me from the game this is why the game is ruined


This is a good game and fun to play


Very versatile




It is the best game ever



Great fun

Fun to play!

So stupid joking best ever

So good but you mint want to buy money 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

My anger,+ this game = no mo anger!

Stress reliever. Violent, but satisfactory. You can also buy blood for 4.99. I love it, but my dad doesn’t really like all the violence.






Your game is so fun be you should at more buddy’s

Too much ads

More more more ads


I love it because it takes your stress away


284863 Shrugged

I need answers!

I have a few questions about Kick The Buddy. First: pretend I have 250 Bucks and want to spend them on a buzzsaw or something, I tap it, “No internet connection.” Why can’t I purchase something on the go? The answer I have is “ You can’t purchase with real money on the go.” Secondly, Say I use Wolf Moon, nothing happens once buddy turns into a werewolf. The answer I have is, “A hunter chops him with an axe.” Finally, I get my daily reward, I get my video reward, and it’s the frying pan. I use it to cook buddy. Why isn’t the frying pan burning down his box? The answers I have are 1. “It’s a fictionally game.” 2. For all baby dodos out there, “Cardboard isn’t flammable.” And that’s it, add it in the update list, for creators or add it in another review, for player.

Things you should add

You should add like a boxer that comes with a box ring and they fight and the boxer wins

A lot of fun.

I liked it. A nlast

This is the best game I ever had

It’s soooo good and best


This is a great game to relive stress

Its Very nice



I know this is supposed to be a stressful and relieving game but it is violence for children and even if it is not for children but I saw a lot of kids playing this is a bad influence.



New mode

I like the game so much, I think that the new update should have a Kick the baby mode, and some new costumes from anime, new weapons with a category of anime, and add rag doll physics



Best Game Ever

BEST GAME EVER!! If you have to let out some stress or anger just play this game! You get so much money at first and so much free stuff. I LOOVE THIS GAME..


Hey I love the game S

Kick the Buddy

This a really really fun game to play if I were you I would get this game it is like so awesome!!!!!😻 You will love this game forever when you get it.

I like it

Food stress reliever.

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relieves stress and super fun!!!!


Fun amazing and incredible

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