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Littered with ads

I get that the app developers need ads for revenue and what not but is it really nevessary to make me watch ads after clicking onto literally anything

Game ruined by intrusive ads

You would be lucky to be able to play this game for more than 30 seconds without and unskipable ad popping up on screen. It’s bad enough that half the weapons require you to watch ads to unlock, the ads literally pop up on screen in the form of “prizes”. It’s super annoying and there’s no way around it. I had the app installed for all of 5 minutes and probably watched at least 10 ads. Needless to say I got annoyed and deleted the app. Shame on the developers for ruining a fun concept with their greed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Developers will continue to bombard us with ads so long as we continue to download their apps.

Absolutely Awful.

NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NO MATTER WHAT THE REVIEWS OF OTHER PEOPLE SAY. I used to play this game back when it was first made and released in the app store. I played it on my good ol’ IPod 4th Gen, to show how old it was. And I loved it every time I played it. After awhile, a couple new installments came out, and I stopped playing because 9 year olds don’t make the best money. And then the game was removed. But when I saw it again, I lit up. I was so excited to play it again after years of neglection. And then the game starts. I opened the weapons menu. And my jaw hit the floor. Why would you have the simplest items cost IRL money? ‘Cause that’s the only way to get gold! Also, 100 videos? 100. Who would waste a half hour trying to unlock a weapon that costs 500 in-game dollars? Why does that seem like a thing a normal person would do? After seeing the outrageous villiany of this app, I had to delete it. I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DELETE IT. Never download this game. You have no reason to waste hours of your life on this terrible, awful, depressing revival of one of the best mobile games of all time. If you download this, you’re just feeding the greed of the company.



Fun time

Fun time


This game is fun

Good game

Brutal makes it good but too much bugs


I loved the original game but this is worse. Now you have to watch ads or get gold to buy all of the stuff. You can't even use blood!!


Fun game love it!

Rất hay


Good game

This is actually pretty fun great game.

It’s back!

Well finally Kick The Buddy is back! This game is amazing but there’s one problem there are so many ads! That’s the only reason why I’m putting a 4 star rating. There only needs to be less ads in the free version then I’ll put a 5 star rating.


It’s good way to waste some time

Fun time killer.

Fun to pass the time

Godzillaman125 😎😎😎


GREAT!! (Read)

I love this app and how you don’t need to spend real money on “money” for the game you win money by beating buddy. It’s great and fun!


Fun time killer

Lost all data

I played this game before it was removed, and had paid 20+ USD for gold and the such. I come back to this, and I have none of it! I tried restoring purchases on my account, and I got nothing! They are simply greedy people now. I am disappointed, this game was awesome before.


outstanding game really adictive

Kick the Buddy

It is good and it helps me get my anger out, but please stop asking me

Kick The Buddy

It is a great stress reliever and it is very very hilarious. Who ever did his voice did a very good job.

Kick The Buddy

It’s a Awesome Game

What's GOOD 😊

Awesome game I play it 24/7 I think I have a problem with this game 🤔


It is a great app you should get it


The best that me dog like it


This is one if my favorite game



Absolutely Amazing

This game is pure gold (pun intended). It’s a great dress reliever and it’s just fun to play while waiting for something. Keep up the good work! One complaint I do have, however, is about the No Ads thing. I bought it, but it still shows the stupid bowmasters ad. Pls fix and I will rate 5 stars. Also, add the favorites bar thing again. That would be so awesome!

Give me it free

You guy should give me 5000 gold I rated it a 5 star so you better

This so so fun


Awesome game

It’s so fun and it really does help stress

Great game

It’s a great game you should play it!!!!

LOVE IT but😃😕

It’s a vilont game and it’s not that good to just pretend that the voodoo doll is the person that YOU hate. Plus I’m sick of the ADs and it costs money to remove em that why I hate having WI-FI cause that removes da ads. Another reason is like when you hate your parents and the voodoo doll is them let’s just say there are maybe going to be mad trust me. Plus voodoo dolls at three am just creepy. Just pretend to kill your most wanted enemy not your family ok. Yikes adults yelling... 😳

Awesome game

This game is so much fun although some things are lil more expensive then they should be still very cool

Kikck the buddy

Awesome 💖


This game is fun you can do anything you want


Best game ever I have been playing

Kill the body



To many adds

Like the good ol fashioned online bubble buddy

Excellent stress relief.

Kick the dummy or buddy

You try to buy clothes for him and hurt him and it says ok when he’s dead 🤯 And that’s kick the dummy That’s what you do buddy so body so

Best game

Love it best game




Game keeps on freezing and there isn’t any sound.



The worlds best game ever

Kick the bunny

Kick the buddy

I love this game!IT’S so fun!


This game is the best I can let out all my rage to him IM READY TO FIGHT😝😝😝

Fun 😂👌🏻

Fun!!! A cool item would be a belt XD! Also it would be cool if you could get gold and money every time you use an item!


I loved this game when i was a kid but my old iPad broke so I got this iPad mini I was sad that there were.No KickTheBuddy Games then one day this game popped out I screamed with joy but then when I played it Deleted it straight away why?OH because of the ADDS, ugh another rip off.So after all don’t get it!

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